Elie R. Gebrayel

Elie R. Gebrayel is the Vice Chair of the LAU School of Architecture and Design Advisory Board.

As Chairman and CEO of Erga Group, he has overseen its growth into one of the leading architectural and multidisciplinary engineering design consultancy firms in the MENA region, with numerous international branches. Adopting the latest and most advanced technologies, he has overseen Erga Group’s development into a pioneering firm in architecture and related fields, with a portfolio comprising more than 500 projects in Lebanon and more than 20 other countries, from large-scale urban planning to detailed product design.

Mr. Gebrayel is a member of numerous architectural orders, including the Order of Architects & Engineers (Lebanon) and the American Institute of Architects. He holds degrees from the Ecole de Beaux Arts (Paris) and the Institut des Beaux Arts of the Lebanese University.