Mu’taz Sawwaf

Mu’taz Sawwaf is the CEO of the Construction Products Holding Company  (CPC) and of Mimar Invest. In 2014, he was a major contributor to the creation of a master’s degree in Islamic art and architecture within SArD.

Mr. Sawwaf is a board member for several companies, among them the Saudi Bin Ladin Group, Roots Group Arabia, and Al Wared Logistics. He is also the Managing Director for the SBG Architecture and Building Construction Division. Mr. Sawwaf is engaged in numerous philanthropic activities, serving on the Board of Trustees of International College, Beirut; the Board of Ibdaa Company; the Steering committee of the American University of Beirut’s capital Campaign; the Advisory Board of the School of Architecture and Design at LAU, and the Board of the Wassef Souad Sawwaf Family Foundation. He received a degree in Architecture from the American University of Beirut in 1974, prior to establishing the construction firm Arabian Roots in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia in 1980.