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B.A. in Fine Arts




92 credits

Tuition, financial aid:

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The mission of the Fine Arts program is to help students develop into leading creative artists and/or art educators.The Fine Arts program provides students with the technical skills for a variety of artistic practices, from drawing to sculpture, printmaking, ceramics, multimedia and computer art. Students are encouraged to develop a personal style and a critical approach, by exploring two-and three-dimensional media and forms. By choosing specific electives, students can prepare themselves for graduate studies or for careers in art production, art education, graphic and industrial design, book illustration, theater, or the management of art enterprises.

Educational Objectives

The purpose of the Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts is:

  1. To seek a liberal arts education designed to acquaint the students with leading ideas and forces that steer and shape the arts and art education globally.
  2. To provide students with the technical skills and knowledge of the use of materials and technologies in the making of drawing, sculpture, printmaking, ceramics, multimedia and computer art, as professional artists.
  3. To prepare students interested in art education for a career in teaching art.
  4. To pave the way for graduate studies in studio art, art theory, and/or art education.
  5. To relate the fine arts to other disciplines and practices in design, technology, science and the humanities, for inspiration and areas of interaction.
  6. To help heighten the student's sense of imagination, creative personal expression and their pursuit for excellence in today's highly competitive art world.
  7. To provide a yearly art exhibition and an accompanying art catalog featuring the student's works, introducing them to how a professional art exhibit is carried out, while also exposing them to galleries, art critics and the public at large.

Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the Fine Arts program will be able to perform as:

  1. A professional artist who is highly trained and equipped to exhibit and marketing their own work. They will have a strong portfolio and at the end of the year, a state-of-the-art exhibition catalogue mainly featuring the works of senior students.
  2. An art teacher in elementary and secondary school, with a strong educational background and a distinctive art portfolio.
  3. A graduate student pursuing higher education in art theory, and/or in creative studio art.
  4. An illustrator contributing drawings and illustrations to books, newspapers and magazines.
  5. An artist/intellectual contributing to both their own culture and to the world reservoir of creative art and art theory works.
  6. An art critic.
  7. An artist seeking employment in museums and art galleries.

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