Degrees & Minors
Bachelor of Architecture


The complete degree is offered in Byblos and only the first two years can be taken in Beirut.


Min. five years a total of 176 credits.


Please see tuition and other fees, as well as Financial Aid & Scholarships

The Architecture curriculum leads to the Professional Degree of Bachelor of Architecture, which allows the students to practice the profession of Architects in its wide range of applications, or to pursue Graduate studies in Architecture, Urban Design, Urban Planning, Landscape Design, Construction Management, or other related fields. This comprehensive approach begins with a common Foundation Year, in which students are introduced to design as a general field, from which they proceed in their specialization. The Program offers a wide exposure to the current issues and problems of theoretical and practical nature, complemented by a number of activities such as international studios, workshops, visiting critics, and exchanges with architecture and design institutes worldwide.


The School of architecture and Design follows the University admission requirements that are listed below:

  • School record (the school grades of the last 3 years should be sent in a signed and sealed envelope directly to the admissions office. the grades of the last year or semester should be sent as soon as they become available)
  • Student should be a Holder of the Lebanese baccalaureate: the four types: general science, life science, economics and sociology and literature and humanities or equivalence.
  • Official scores of the test of English as a foreign language (TOFEL) and /or SAT exams if taken.
  • For the architecture and interior design majors, students should sit for the SAT I exam for file application to be considered.
  • For more details, please see “Admission to Undergraduate Programs” in the Academic Catalog (PDF, 991KB) and check the Admissions website to apply online.


The Mission of the Architecture Program is to give students a comprehensive education based on the humanistic approach to the discipline. This Program prepares students to assume their role as Architects upon graduation, and/or to pursue Graduate studies in Architecture, and other related fields.


  • Offer students, who successfully complete their studies, the Profession Degree of Bachelor of Architecture.
  • Provide a platform for graduate specializations in Architecture, Urban Planning, Urban Design, Landscape Design, Digital Design, and other fields in design.
  • Develop a broad base of theoretical knowledge, and the necessary practical skills.
  • Assert the role of the Architect as a synthesizer of the different factors which affect the built environment.
  • Expose students to the current issues in theory and practice, and to the latest technology in the field.

Students’ Learning Outcomes

  • Ability to practice architecture in various contexts and cultures.
  • Capacity for critical thinking, and the ability for problem solving.
  • Ability to identify design issues, conduct research, and to provide solutions.
  • Understanding of the urban dimension of architecture, and the consequences of building activities on the environment.
  • Capacity to deal innovatively with projects of different types, and scales.
  • Capacity to elaborate projects with innovative structural systems, detailing, and material.
  • Capacity to operate in a multi-disciplinary environment.
  • Capacity to serve the community in organizations of both public and private sectors.

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