Degrees & Minors
Minor in Digital Media




20 credits

The Minor in Digital Media is open to students in the Bachelor of Architecture Program, supplementing their skills in computer aided design programs, with exposure to programming, animation, digital modeling, and digital media in design.

Educational Objectives

The objective of the Minor in Computer Graphics Program is to prepare students to lead in the development and application of information technology tools, for a wide variety of uses in design

Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the Minor in Computer Graphics Program will acquire the following skills:

  1. The ability to use the computer to produce elaborate print, and screen presentations, for the design profession.
  2. The ability to use computers to generate a complete set of working drawings for construction.
  3. The ability to develop 3D computer generated models, and animations, for the design profession.
  4. The ability to use specific software as a means to architectural design problem solving.

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