Degrees & Minors
Minor in Islamic Art, Architecture & Design


Beirut and Byblos


16 credits

The Minor in Islamic Art, Architecture and Design exposes students of Architecture and Design to the artistic and architectural heritage of the Islamic world, thus filling a gap in the current educational programs of architects and designers working in the Arab world. As well, the Minor offers a number of electives to non-major students who may wish to broaden their knowledge of this important aspect of the culture of the Region.

Educational Objectives

The objective of the Minor in Islamic Arts and Architecture is to introduce design students to the rich traditions of Islamic Art and Architecture, and to prepare them to respond better to the challenges of practice in the Islamic world.

Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the Minor in Islamic Arts, Architecture and Design Program will acquire the following skills:

  1. An understanding of the role, and the breadth, of the arts, in the various Islamic cultures.
  2. Basic knowledge of the historic development of Islamic Art and Architecture in the Islamic world, and the major highlights of these developments.
  3. Development of basic analytical, and interpretative, skills in examining the Islamic Art traditions, and in formulating contemporary interpretations of these rich traditions.

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