Joan Baz

Adjunct faculty member

D.E.S. Digital Direction, Supinfocom (Rubika), France 

Personal Website:

Joan Baz has worked with production houses in Paris, London, Zagreb and Barcelona.  She cofounded “waraq”, a socially engaged art collective. After 3 years of collective engagement, she is pursuing a solo career and artistic practice. Joan’s work focuses on constructing visual narratives centered within the region’s social and geopolitical context. Her range of media extends to printmaking and illustration, video and animation. She is a main contributor of the Outpost magazine and a workshop program curator in Beirut Art Center. Her most recent work explores issues of borders and ideologies satirically modeled on a children’s book format, titled “ I went looking for Palestine but I found.” It was in collaboration with Dar Onboz publishing house. She recently completed an art residency in Villa Belleville, Paris focused at producing her second solo exhibition titled “Matchbox Cars” to be held in 2016.