Nancy Aziz

Part-time Faculty Member

M.A. Graphic Branding and Identity, London College of Communication, UK

Nancy Aziz is a Graphic and Brand Designer who is recently based in Beirut. She graduated as a distinguished student from the University of the Arts London at London College of Communication, with an M.A. in Graphic Branding and Identity, after completing her B.A. in Graphic Design. She has achieved outstanding academic success which allowed her to gain a First-class Honors degree. Her M.A. final project was a thesis that explored the knowledge bases and information filters that enable online readers to verify news items. Her research looked at dualistic thinking processes, thought propaganda and the negative impacts of so-called ‘fake news’. In recent years Nancy has been leading several Branding and Design workshops focusing on visual and factual design methodologies, branding strategies and publication design. She has gained important professional experience at leading international design agencies as M&C Saatchi. Besides being a lecturer Nancy has been working as a designer with many clients mainly in London and across Europe, primarily on identity, publications and on branding projects.