Salim Azzam

Part-time Faculty Member

Master of Design in Visual Communication Design, University of Alberta, Canada
D.E.S. Diplôme d’Etudes Supérieures Graphic Design, Lebanese University, Lebanon

Salim Azzam is a community-based Storyteller and Illustrator with a master’s degree in visual communication design from the University of Alberta, Canada. His graduate studies at the University of Alberta have offered him opportunities for undertaking social design in communities, where he came to understand that design for social change is more meaningful than commercial design. Throughout Azzam’s work with local communities, he came to realize that collaboration between designers and communities could serve as a source of positive energy and create outcomes that can impact our lives. He is eager to teach GRA 361 “Design for Social Change” and actively help develop a social need model, where students draw on the literature of social work, the objective of which is to meet the needs and understanding of the population.