Minor in Advertising

The Minor in Advertising prepares students to compete successfully in an environment where knowledge of business practices and a professional appreciation of the creative arts are required.


Required courses:

Number Name Cr.
COM213 Introduction to Public Relations 3
COM222 Introduction to Radio/TV/Film 3
MKT201 Introduction to Marketing 3
MKT302 Integrated Marketing Commuication 3
GRA431 History of Graphic Design 3
GRA432 Visual Perception 3

Educational Objectives

  • Offer a working acquaintance of marketing practices
  • Offer an appreciation of media effects and media diversity
  • Introduce an understanding of the differences between public relations, advertising and marketing
  • Allow students to appreciate the business dimension of the creative arts

Learning outcomes

Students completing this minor will be able to:

  • Develop a media/advertising plan
  • Develop a PR plan, write press releases, create a media kit, produce brochures and assist in organizing events
  • Present an advertising plan to a client
  • Do preliminary market research
  • Develop and integrate the artistic component of advertising