Abir El Moukaddam

Adjunct faculty member

Master in Visual Arts, Académie Libanaise des Beaux Arts, Lebanon
D.E.S. Diplôme d’Études Supérieures Fine Arts, Lebanese University, Lebanon

Born in Orsay, France, Abir El Mokaddam’s work has been selected to be shown in the 32nd edition of the Salon d’Automne (2016), an exhibition organized every two years by Sursock Museum. El Moukaddam depicts in paintings and drawings intimate moments taken from her family life. Alongside her position of artist, her condition of mother and wife gives her the potential to draw her subjects straight from her personal confined environment, before confronting them to wider social, political and artistic spheres. In her recent work she explored how the “liminal personae”, (people at a threshold) would be in the liminal space, but not only in the context of anthropology. The ambiguity linked to the liminal space, the cloud of unknowing what’s going to be next and the liminal personae’s sweet surrender to the present moment regardless of one’s awareness during the transition are taken into a fictive context allowing her to create or construct images using floating, seemingly still and seemingly fluid figures.