Ahmad Shami

Part-time faculty member

B.S. Graphic Design, Lebanese American University, Lebanon

Since 2008, Ahmad Shami has worked in several companies as a Motion Designer. Recently, he has had the opportunity to join one of the local TV channels, Future TV, in Lebanon as long-term freelancer. During the past six years, certainly the most enjoyable experience of all was tutoring Motion Graphics in KSA, at the national KSA TV channel, where he was assigned to mentor and supervise motion graphics student interns. Shami sees endless possibilities of learning through research and personal endeavors. He enjoys creating the artwork that he wishes to bring to life, and use After Effects later. He finds After Effects to be a magical tool and wishes to pass it on to his fellow young designers, who might be intimidated, at first, but will come quickly to acknowledge how enjoyable and rewarding it is to be working in the creative field of motion graphics.