Aline Seukunian

Part-time Faculty Member

Completion Certificate from Creative Space Beirut, Lebanon

Aline Seukunian’s journey in design began with Creative Space Beirut as a fashion design student. In 2016, she graduated after three years of exploring the multiple facets of the fashion world through an intensive and hands on curriculum. Upon graduating, Seukunian was hired by the institution as a construction instructor in Creative Space Beirut’s educational program, in addition to her role as studio manager and production manager for the CSB Ready to Wear line. She has also carried out separate projects with multiple prominent local designers. In 2017, she was chosen to take part in “Fashion Future”, a show displaying a curated selection of graduates’ collections from top fashion schools across the globe in Dubai Design District (D3). Seukunian is currently working on her own brand that she hopes will carry her minimalistic essence to the fashion world.