Sandra Al Richani

Part-time faculty member

Master of Architecture, Princeton University, USA 
Master in Urban Development and Planning, University College of London, United Kingdom

Sandra al Richani co-founded her firm [hatch] after earning a Post-Professional Master of Architecture degree from Princeton University and a master’s degree in Urban Development and Planning from University College of London. Part of the design and development team, her extensive academic background shaped her respected approach to projects like the hospital extension she is currently designing. Al Richani’s  experience ranges in scale and context from urban proposals in Isfahan, Suzhou, and Mumbai, to residential and commercial design in the UK and Middle East. Examining topics like urban agriculture in Beirut and utopias, her research led to participation in several international conferences, such as the ACSA conference in Chile and the WOCMES Conference, among others. A Senior Lecturer at the American University of Beirut since 2008, she says that encouraging students to imagine new landscapes through the use of various mediums keeps her optimistic for Beirut’s future.