Institute for Environmental Studies & Research


The mission of the Institute of Environmental Studies & Research is to investigate issues of environmental nature, and the impact of such issues on the long-term sustainability of the region and its resources. These issues include but are not limited to: the impact of urban growth, zoning and urban development on cities and suburbs, and the impact of building construction and energy use on the environment. The objectives of the Institute would be to develop studies and proposals aimed at:

  • Promoting sustainable practices, including land use strategies and demographic projections, specific to urban and suburban zones.
  • Developing studies on urban planning, transportation systems, land management, and preservation of natural areas.
  • Providing impact assessment for large scale projects such as industrial projects, infrastructure, and social housing.
  • Conducting surveys of historical areas and proposing master plans for areas in need of development and/or preservation.
  • Developing studies on improving energy conservation in buildings and innovative sustainable practices in building construction.


David Aouad
Assistant Professor of Practice
Office: OG 311
Ext: 1596