Beirut Design Week: Panel on Design and Education with Melissa Plourde Khoury

Beit Beirut Museum, Sodeco

The Associate Chair of the Department of Art & Design and Associate Professor Melissa Plourde Khoury will be representing LAU in the panel on Design and Education at Beirut Design Week:

The aim of this panel is to initiate a series of conversations about the role of university-level design programs in addressing the needs of the cities. While higher education is one of the largest industries in Lebanon, institutional structures have sometimes made collaboration difficult. This panel will overcome these limitations by bringing together design program administrators to have a conversation about how undergraduate and graduate design programs in a variety of disciplines envision their relationship to the cities they inhabit. How might the design education community advocate for design as a whole in Beirut? What pedagogical practices are unique to the design disciplines? To what extent should design programs prepare students for a job market, and to what extent should they prepare students to engage with larger social issues? What is the role of the higher education in determining what Lebanese design is in the first place? How should design schools shape or intervene in the communities around them? These questions will serve as a launching point for a larger discussion about what design education can and should be doing in Beirut and its neighboring cities.