Beirut Design Week: Workshop on Data Visualisation by Joumana Ibrahim and Ahmad Barclay

Antwork, Clemenceau

Adjunct Faculty member at the Department of Art & Design Joumana Ibrahim will be conducting a workshop on data visualisation as part of Beirut Design Week. The workshop, entitled Data Vis-a-Vis The City, is conducted along with Ahmad Barclay:

This hands-on workshop is for anyone with an interest in data visualization and in cities. No previous experience of data or design required. Participants will get a crash course in data-driven visual storytelling, collect data from the city around them, and have a go at telling their own visual stories.
We will first start with an introduction to data visualization, exploring questions like what is data? how do we collect and organize it? how to best represent it to communicate our message?
Participants will then be collecting their data, and working on a specific theme that will be shared during the workshop. They will analyze their findings, and create one or a series of visuals that help communicate their theme.

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