Chahid Akouri

Assistant Professor

Ph.D. in Media and Communication from the Art Philosophy and Critical Thought Department of the European Graduate School Switzerland
M.A. in Media Studies (Electronic Media), Notre Dame University, Lebanon
B.A. in Graphic Design, Notre Dame University, Lebanon

For the past ten years, Chahid Akoury has been a freelance producer, working mostly with advergaming and interactive solutions production and art direction. His Master’s dissertation dealt with User Generated Content, examining whether or not such web tools, and namely new media technologies, empower the user, and to what extent could such input change the conventional approach of information systems. His Ph.D. dissertation considers a revolutionary event as a creative process of deactualization present in the form of an opening up in both time and space. He elaborated on this premise by turning to painting, classical music, architecture, literature and poetry, theoretical physics, and mathematics for examples and as explicatory media. Based on his PhD dissertation, he published a book in 2014 titled, “Creative Deactualization”.