Degrees and Minors

B.F.A. in Fashion Design

The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Design in collaboration with ELIE SAAB and the London College of Fashion is modeled on the best fashion design programs offered at leading universities in the UK and the USA, and based on a rigorous four-year curriculum.

Students enrolled in this major are required to complete first the common one-year foundation study. The degree  requires both traditional and computer-aided design skills and hands-on construction and production training, which are introduced in the foundation year and then further developed during the following three years.

The curriculum balances theoretical and creative processes of fashion design with the technical and practical components required for success. Students are taught to become designers with a unique vision centered on their own approaches to fashion and further develop skills necessary for success including entrepreneurship and business skills.


For more information on how to apply to the B.F.A. in Fashion Design, please see the admissions section, or consult the academic catalog.

Professional Affiliations