Degrees and Minors

B.F.A. in Fashion Design

The BFA in Fashion Design was established in Fall 2013, in collaboration with Elie Saab and the London College of Fashion. The program is modeled on current fashion design programs offered at leading universities in the USA and Europe, and based on a rigorous four-year curriculum. The BFA in Fashion Design, in addition to the other programs in the School, was granted NASAD accreditation in August 2020.

Students enrolled in this major are required to start their studies in the foundation program which serves as a platform for all design majors. The fashion design program requires both traditional and computer-aided design skills and hands-on construction and production training. In addition to their immersion in the theoretical and practical aspects, students are initiated into entrepreneurship and the business components of the profession. 

The curriculum balances the theoretical and creative aspects of fashion design, combined with the practical skills required for success in the industry. Students graduate as competent designers with a personal vision and move on to integrate major fashion houses or to develop their own practice.


For more information on how to apply to the B.F.A. in Fashion Design, please see the admissions section.


For more information on the program, please consult the academic catalog.

Selection of Fashion Design Work

Myriam Tayah, Fashion Design I, Fall 2021
Areej Ballan, Fashion Design I, Fall 2021
Lana Dakkour, Styling, Summer 2021
Nour Ghaith, Styling, Summer 2021
Andrew Mahfouz, Fashion Design I, Fall 2020
Carla Abboud, Fashion Design I, Fall 2020
Lana Dakkour, Fashion Design I, Fall 2020
Alia Hamouie, Senior Collection, Spring 2021
Emile Daou, Senior Collection, Spring 2021
Marie Belle Najem, Senior Collection, Spring 2021
Safa El Kobba, Senior Collection, Spring 2021
Lana Dakkour, Fashion Design III, Fall 2021