Foundation Program

The Foundation Program is based on the philosophy that art and design education share the same foundational principles, and are based on promoting critical inquiry into phenomena as a tool for the development of artistic insight. The objective of the program is to promulgate a pedagogical approach based on experimentation and learning through making, ultimately initiating students to think through a process, and not in terms of final goals.

This approach to art and design education draws its methodology from the various pioneering experiments of the Twentieth century, which overthrew the rigid and linear aesthetic systems of education. The Foundation Program thus acts as a common platform for all students in art and design, where a diverse faculty, drawn from different disciplines, fosters an environment of creative speculation that encourages students to work collectively, as well as develop their own aesthetic and intellectual capacities and individual language.

The Foundation program offers a comprehensive introduction to design, providing students with a broad outlook into design as a creative activity neither limited nor separated by disciplinary boundaries.

This program is common to all design majors (architecture, fashion design, graphic design and interior design) and should be completed in the first year of enrollment.


For more information on the program, please consult the academic catalog.

Selection of Foundation Work

Dovi-Noa Rashwan, Fall 2019
Nour Alawieh, Fall 2020
Cynthia Mansour, Fall 2020
Reem Ibrahim, Fall 2019
Nada Agal, Fall 2019
Charles Abi Chahine, Spring 2019
Kareem Tarhini, Spring 2018
Chantal Akiki, Spring 2020
Charline El Helou, Spring 2020
Yousef Zaher, Spring 2018
Rayan Yehya, Spring 2018
Nour Richani, Spring 2018

Student Video Compilation

Take a look at the video compilation of the Foundation Program student work.

Advising and Registration Guidelines

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