B.A. in Fashion Design

The Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design in collaboration with ELIE SAAB and the London College of Fashion is modeled on the best fashion design programs offered at leading universities in the UK and the USA, and based on a rigorous four-year curriculum.

Students enrolled in this major are required to complete first the common one-year foundation study. The degree  requires both traditional and computer-aided design skills and hands-on construction and production training, which are introduced in the foundation year and then further developed during the following three years.

The curriculum balances theoretical and creative processes of fashion design with the technical and practical components required for success. Students are taught to become designers with a unique vision centered on their own approaches to fashion and further develop skills necessary for success including entrepreneurship and business skills.


The total number of credits required for graduation is 130.

Year I

Fall & Spring Semesters

See: Foundation Program

Summer Semester

Number Name Cr.
FAS250 Introduction to Practice and Process 3
FAS251 Thematic Workshop 1

Year II

Fall Semester

Number Name Cr.
FAS331 Fashion Design I 5
FAS341 Construction I 3
FAS361 Pattern Cutting I 4
FAS371 Fashion History & Theory 3

Spring Semester

Number Name Cr.
FAS332 Fashion Design II 5
FAS342 Construction II 3
FAS362 Pattern Cutting II 4

Summer Semester

Number Name Cr.
Elective I Illustration/Contour/Styling 3

Year III

Fall Semester

Number Name Cr.
FAS431 Fashion Design III 5
FAS441 Construction III 3
FAS461 Pattern Cutting III 4
Elective II Specialist Cutting/Accessory Design/Designer Fabrics 3

Spring Semester

Number Name Cr.
FAS421 Fashion Internship 3

Summer Semester


Year IV

Fall Semester

Number Name Cr.
FAS531 Fashion Collection I 5
FAS541 Construction IV 3
FAS561 Pattern Cutting IV 4
FAS521 Fashion Entrepreneurship I 2
FAS551 Fashion Thematic Workshop 1

Spring Semester

Number Name Cr.
FAS522 Fashion Enterpreneurship II 2
FAS532 Fashion Collection II 5
FAS523 Fashion Entrepreneurship III 1


Fashion Design Electives

Number Name Cr.
FAS381 Fashion Illustration 3
FAS382 Contour Design 3
FAS383 Styling 3
FAS481 Specialist Cutting Techniques 3
FAS482 Accessory Design  3
FAS483 Designer Fabrics 3


When will the Fashion Design program start?
The program started in Fall 2013. The first class of fashion design students is composed of 25 students, which is the optimal class size.

On which campus will the program be offered?
The program will be offered on the Beirut campus. However, students may take the first year only [foundation year] in Byblos as well as in Beirut.

How many years of education does it require?
The program is spread over four years, in addition to two summer sessions. The total number of credits is 130 credits, which are distributed among design studios and support courses. All incoming students begin with a general foundation year, which is common to all design majors, including fashion design, interior design, and graphic design.

Will the program be held in collaboration with an international institution?
Yes. LAU signed an agreement of collaboration with the London College of Fashion, in November 2013, to include curricular support, visiting faculty and other forms of collaboration.

What is the official title of the fashion design program at LAU?
Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design in collaboration with ELIE SAAB.

What will the official diploma title be?
Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design.

Will Mr. Elie Saab be teaching in the Fashion Design program at LAU?
No. Mr. Elie Saab is the Honorary Chairman of the Program. In his capacity as an Honorary Chairman, he will offer various forms of support, and will head the graduation final jury. ELIE SAAB Co will also be involved in the planning of activities, and in supporting the program development.

How long will the collaboration between LAU and ELIE SAAB last?
The agreement with Mr. Elie Saab will remain for a period of four years, i.e. until September 1, 2017 with the option to renew this partnership.

Will the students have the opportunity to meet with Mr. Elie Saab?
The Fashion Design students will be invited for a tour of the ELIE SAAB Company, during which there will be a meeting with the designer.

Will there be internships offered at ELIE SAAB Company?
The top two Fashion Design students in the second and final year of the fashion design program will be selected to conduct an internship at ESL for two weeks. In addition, the top student in the final year will be invited to attend and participate in a ELIE SAAB show held during the Paris fashion week.

Who will be teaching in the fashion design program?
A number of local and international faculty, including visiting faculty, will participate in offering the different design studios. British designer and international educator Jason Steel will be the coordinator of the program. In addition, a number of international designers will be invited to offer intensive workshops throughout the curriculum.

Can I transfer from another fashion design program to LAU?
Yes. If the program is in a recognized and accredited institution, the transfer of credits would be possible, subject to regulations.

Can I get a scholarship if I have talent for fashion design?
LAU offers a number of scholarships based on merit as well as on financial need. For more information visit the Financial Aid & Scholarships website.

For any additional information, you may send an email to: fashion@lau.edu.lb