Minor in Islamic Art, Architecture and Design

The minor in Islamic Art and Architecture within the undergraduate program adds another layer of knowledge to the education of a student, with a focus on a number of electives and additional courses directed towards the investigation of a particular area of interest.


Required courses: 14 credits

Number Name Cr.
ARC375 Introduction to Islamic Art 3
ARC376 Introduction to Islamic Architecture 3
ARC405 Design Workshop – IAAD 4
ARC595 International Studio – IAAD 3

Two electives (4 credits) to be selected from the following courses:

Number Name Cr.
ARC475 Islamic Architecture in the Age of Empires 2
ARC476 Art and Architecture of the Mamluks 2
ARC477 Art and Architecture of the Umayyads 2
ARC478 The Decorative Arts of Islam 2