“Beirut: Urban Geopolitics & Hybrid Sovereignties”

Architecture Hall, Room 302, Byblos campus

The lecture will be given by Dr. Sara Fregonese.

About the lecturer
Dr. Sara Fregonese (Ph.D. Newcastle U.K., Ba Venice) is a political geographer with a background in Middle Eastern Studies. She is currently a British Academy Post-Doctoral Fellow based at Royal Holloway, University of London. Along her 10 years of research on Beirut, she has published on the socio-cultural aspects of Beirut’s postwar reconstruction, and on sovereignty, political violence and the built environment during the civil war (1975–6). She is currently researching the everyday, civilian’s experience of blockade and infrastructural change during urban conflict.

Experiential Urbanity (2010–2011) is stimulated and shared through the participation of a pluralistic global community that encompasses a broad spectrum of research by scientists, planners, architects, political scientists and other scholars with original views on urban development.
Experiential Urbanity seeks to evaluate the current urban conditions, draws upon the confusion and declares the various problematic issues which derive mainly from the lack of a proper socio-physical frame that regulates the distribution, movement and spatial perception of people within and beyond the city.
Event organizer: The Urban Planning Institute and the Department of Architecture & Interior Design at LAU’s School of Architecture and Design