The Old Architecture in Lebanon & Its Contemporary Revival

WKSC 201, Beirut campus

The Architecture and Interior Design Department at the School of Architecture and Design is hosting a lecture titled “The Old Architecture in Lebanon and Its Contemporary Revival”, presented by Photography Instructor Bassam Lahoud.

The lecture would begin with the historical evolution of the old architecture in Lebanon and its different influences.

Then, a deeper research on the town of Amchit (capital of the silk in the XIX century), as a sample, will show the particularities of its architecture due to its environment (weather, geographic situation, social presence, and economic importance).

Finally, and in relation with these particularities, a presentation of a project of a modern house will take place. The house is built in Amchit, and conceived with the architecture of this town in a modern way, respecting the different functions and elements of architecture and contrasting this one in the same time.