Introduction to Tamayouz Excellence International Award

Chagoury Health Sciences Center Auditorium, Byblos campus

The Department of Architecture and Interior Design is hosting a lecture by Ossaid M. M. Aleitan titled “Introduction to Tamayouz Excellence International Award”, an award open to 4th ad 5th year students.

M. Aleitan is a senior architect, project manager, and visiting lecturer at the University of Jordan. He holds a Msc in Construction Project Management from UWE, Bristol, UK. and a BSc in Architectural Engineering from JU. He has been a member of the advisory board of the award since it was founded in 2012, and now acts as the Middle East coordinator.

Tamayouz Excellence Award is an independent initiative with no political affiliation, which aims to advance the profession of architecture both academically and professionally. Tamayouz drives the evolution of design excellence and provides a healthy competitive environment for students in architecture. This year, Tamayouz Excellence Award launched an Excellence Award for Graduation Projects worldwide. This award is open for all Final Year Architecture and Architectural Design Technology students studying for their Undergraduate Degrees worldwide.