Intensive Design Workshop: Constructing Images

ARC 601 Attic, Byblos campus

The Department of Architecture and Interior Design is hosting a workshop titled “Constructing Images” by Masson Tarsoly Architectes.

Arabella Masson (1979) and Csaba Tarsoly (1976) hold a Diploma from the Architectural Academy in Mendrisio, Switzerland. Founded in 2004, the studio Masson Tarsoly Architectes refines its architectural ideas in three complementary domains: practice, research, and teaching. Always in tune with the times in technological and environmental development as well as with theoretical discourse, each project is the opportunity for an intense research for new solutions. Giving the same importance to different typologies, the projects are developed with equal intensity on all scales and are studied until the very last detail to achieve a concise piece of work.

The workshop will offer students the opportunity to deepen and enhance their ongoing semester projects. It focuses on the creation of strong atmospheric spaces using the physical photo model as a tool. Construction directly affects the emotional character of spaces. This interrelation of our perception and the tectonic qualities of the built space is at the centre of the research. The results of the work will be discussed in a final presentation and will serve the students as complementary presentation material for their final reviews.