Visions of My Eternal Ephemerality

WKSC 201, Beirut campus

The Department of Fine Arts and Foundation Studies is hosting a lecture titled “Visions of My Eternal Ephemerality” by Jean Pierre Tarabay. 

In 1976, in the historical town of Byblos, Lebanon, Jean Pierre Tarabay was born. In 1999, he graduated with honors in photography from the University of Holy Spirit, Kaslik.

Escaping the realm of reality, he found his fond and keen interest in photography. Since then, he has held countless personal and group exhibitions, locally and abroad. He also teaches and lectures at various universities throughout the Lebanese region. His experience element goes into numerous different photography approaches such as fashion, advertising, documentary, portrait, nature, architecture, jewelry, industrial and more. He combines technical and artistic photography skills with his knowledge of business. His commercial work is based on private clients, top agencies, and magazines.