Art and Design Talks

Chagoury Health Sciences Center Auditorium, Byblos campus

The School of Architecture and Design is hosting Art and Design Talk, a one-night event that brings together acclaimed artists and designers. Each speaker provides insights about their work through a 20-minute talk followed by an exhibition. 

Carlo Massoud, Lebanese product and interior design, will be giving a talk titled “How I Used My Teachers to Confirm My Own Convictions and Find My True Calling”. Massoud established his eponymous studio in Beirut in 2013. His designs are consistently inspired by his political or cultural critique and research, which he transforms into useful — and frequently thought-provoking — objects.

Fouad Mezher, an illustrator based in Lebanon, will be giving a talk titled “The Sleep of Income Produces Monsters”. Mezher has worked on projects ranging from animated music videos to murals, but his primary focus is on narrative work in comics and children’s books. His comics often feature monsters, bizarre deaths or monsters causing bizarre deaths.

Christian Ghammachi, who is currently living in Dubai, will be giving a talk titled “Enduring Passion”. Ghammachi recently completed the Rise Above Lebanon film. His passion for photography spans over two decades and has led him around the world. Ghammachi seeks less obvious and overlooked details, finding beauty in hidden elements and emotions.

Yazan Halwani, a young Beiruti artist, will be giving a talk titled “The Face of Calligraphy”. Halwani paints renowned murals of revered Lebanese and Arab figures on urban walls in an effort to help overcome sectarianism in this fragmented city. His art fuses renewed Arabic calligraphy and portraiture with his largest murals scaling a full building.

The talks will be followed by an exhibition at Rima Hourani Exhibition Room. The exhibition remains open through April 25 - April 29, 2016 from 9:00 a.m. till 4:00 p.m.