Performing Against Visuality

WKSC 201, Beirut campus

The Department of Fine Arts and Foundation Studies is hosting a lecture by Cynthia Issa titled “Performing Against Visuality: Signs, Spaces, and Spectacles”.

Issa is a lecturer in art history and design culture at the Department of Fine Arts and Foundation Studies. Her pedagogical approach consists of opening spaces for cultural critique by engaging her students in the urban landscape and its contested sites, as well as local exhibitions and the discourses surrounding them. She worked with Beirut Arts Center for three years, first as Assistant Director and then as Educational and Outreach Program Manager. She contributes critical reviews on artistic and cultural practices, and is a guest lecturer at the Universit√© Saint Joseph. Her interests include visual culture and visuality studies, hypervisibility and invisibility, spectacle and simulacrum, architecture and public space, ctirical padagogy, class/race/gender, revolutionary and avant-garde moments.