Umayyad Route, Interactive Tools for Cultural Tourism

Science 608, Byblos campus

The Safadi Foundation, the Urban Planning Institute at LAU, and the Municipality of Byblos are hosting a seminar on “Interactive Tools for Cultural Tourism” in the framework of the cultural tourism project entitled the “Umayyad Route” and under the Patronage of the Ministry of Tourism in Lebanon.

The Umayyad Route project is a European Neighborhood Program Initiative-Cross Border Collaboration in the Mediterranean (ENPI-CBC MED) aiming at promoting sustainable cultural tourism based on a cross-border itinerary between 7 countries (Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia, Spain, Italy and Portugal), sharing the common history and cultural background of the historic cultural exchange since the 8th century between the areas around the Mediterranean basin.

The seminar aims to create a platform for cooperation linking the various Umayyad project partner countries with tour operators and travel agents from the seven Mediterranean partners’ countries as well as to build the capacities of these stakeholders in promoting the Umayyad Route.

Speakers from the seven partner countries, namely Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia, Italy, Portugal and Spain will be presenting the final stages of the project as well as introducing the Umayyad Thematic packages already designed in each partner country.


The Seminar will focus on the following topics:

- Introduction to the History of the Umayyad Dynasty and their cultural background,

- Presentation of the “Umayyad Route” project from beginning to end,

- Introducing the “Umayyad Route” thematic packages designed in the 7 partner countries,

- Showcasing the benefits that tour operators and travel agents can acquire by adopting these packages nationally and internationally, and

- The importance of using the social media as a marketing tool in the cultural tourism sector.

A full day trip to Umayyad cultural heritage city of Anjar and the surrounding areas will be organized on the 11th of May for participants.

Click here for more information on the seminar’s program. To confirm your attendance, please RSVP, Dr. Rachid Chamoun,