Lecture by Carole Lévesque

AKSOB 903, Beirut campus

The Department of Architecture and Interior Design is hosting a lecture by Carole Lévesque. The presentation will explore and build value for urban areas looked upon as derelict and worthless. It will argue that inhabited areas whose only future lies in their tabula rasa have a few lessons to teach the disciplines interested in urban renewal.

Carole Lévesque holds a technical degree in Architecture, an undergraduate degree in Design de l’Environnement, a Masters of Architecture from the University of British-Columbia as well as a Ph.D. in the History and Theory of Architecture from the University of Montreal.  Concerned with temporary architecture as a means to articulate exploratory and alternative discourses on the city and as a tool with which to engage architectural education, she published “A propos de l’inutile en Architecture” where these issues are explored at length. Her current work and research revolves around the architectural representation of derelict and vague spaces within the city as a means to challenge our acceptance of the derelict in our conception of what constitutes an acceptable urban landscape.

Carole Lévesque is currently professor at the School of Design at UQAM and director of the master in ‘Design de l’Environnement’ program.