Storytelling Through Photographs

ARC 502, Byblos Campus

The Department of Art & Design is hosting a lecture titled: “Storytelling Through Photographs” by Tanya Traboulsi.

Tanya Traboulsi’s photography explores highly personal themes of belonging, identity, memory, and sociological stigmas relating to female identity. Her body of work documenting the Lebanese alternative music scene was assembled in the 2010 publication Untitled Tracks: On Alternative Music in Beirut. Traboulsi’s work has been exhibited internationally and featured in several notable publications. In 2013, she was awarded The Boghossian Foundation Prize for the photography category.

The lecture is followed by a workshop that will explore approaches to storytelling in photography, with emphasis on narratives in music photography. Strong focus will be placed on creating a systematic guideline to developing a photo essay. The participants will be equipped with the skills and confidence to find their own voice and photographic style. The workshop aims to act as a directed creative platform where clarity is brought to personal vision by developing the visual language that leads to the realization of the final project.

The workshop will also take place on 3 and 17 November.