Inprint Symposium

Rima Hourani Exhibition Hall, Byblos campus

The Department of Art & Design is organizing an event titled Inprint Symposium.

Each year, the Department of Art & Design hosts an event featuring works that focus on visual communication practices in the region. This year’s symposium fosters dialogs related to printed media – particularly the resurgence of independent magazines. Two ongoing publications are addressed in an exhibition, introductory lectures, and a screening followed by a Q & A session with Jade George of The Carton and Ibrahim Nehme of The Outpost. Notions of materiality and narrative are explored through the various facets of printed objects as forms of visual communication with each of these impassioned, crafted, and covetable printed works at the forefront.

Jade George is the co-founder of The Carton, a publication centered on food culture and the Middle East, which has 16 editions released to date. She is the editorial and art director of the publication and the managing director of Art And Then Some, the publishing office behind it which also labels itself as an ‘ideas factory’, mostly working in a range of disciplines that explore food culture. Today, The Carton is challenging the notion of mediums in publishing, creating different narratives through space and objects.

Ibrahim Nehme is the founder and editor of The Outpost, a Beirut9based, award-winning magazine of possibilities. He is currently resident curator at Mansion Beirut. He is also writing a book, starting a radio project, working on a new dance mag, and preparing to re-launch The Outpost.

The lectures titled: “Shifting Narratives” will be followed by an exhibition at 10 a.m.

For more information on the event, please click here.