Pre and Post Revolution

Rima Hourani Exhibition Hall, Byblos campus

As part of the graphic design thematic course on poster design, we each created thirty-two posters. At first, the works followed an international competition brief on typography and design. Then, the Thawra happened.

We shifted our attention, energy and design skills to reflect the world around us. We each tried to express our perception of historical moments as we witnessed them. As ten resilient students we overcame road blocks and external tensions in order to ceaselessly continue our education in and through design.

Ghiwa Abi Khalil, Jad Al Zock, Christina Aramouni, Rita Azar, Rachelle Chahwan, Francesca Ghosn, Chloe Jabbour, Gaelle Majdalani, Christophe Rashwan, Christina Tahtouh