Brand Strategy. The Deep Side of Success


At the heart of any brand success story is a hidden tale of passion, inspiration, empathy, belief, ambition and strategic thinking. This webinar speaks to the current and aspiring brand architects from such industries as design, marketing, business and advertising, with a mission to define and explore the most important, yet often forgotten, pillars of a brand’s success and failure. With a key focus on brand purpose, this event will also shed light on what it takes to create, design or build a brand that is strong – and relevant – enough to face such challenges as the current pandemic, economic difficulties or shifting consumer trends. Throughout the interactive session, Nabil Sargi will also draw references and cases from his 18-year experience in building and managing brands in Lebanon, the Gulf, Africa, Central and Eastern Europe with such agencies as Leo Burnett, BBDO and Dentsu.

Guest Panelist: Nabil Sargi
Moderator: Melissa Plourde Khoury

Location: Online via WebEx, kindly click the following to join: