Basel Dalloul

Basel Dalloul Founded the Dalloul Art Foundation in 2017 to manage and promote his father’s (Dr. Ramzi Dalloul) vast collection of modern and contemporary Arab art. At over 4000 pieces it is the largest collection of its kind in private hands. The collection includes but is not limited to paintings, photography, sculpture, video and mixed media art. Basel has had a passion for art since he was very young, inspired by both his mother and father, both of whom are also passionate about art in all its forms.

Basel also founded NOOR Group in 2000 in response to the Egyptian government’s announced goal of becoming the hub of the information technology (IT) industry in the Middle East.  As Chairman and CEO, he has set the overall direction of NOOR, bringing the first region-wide, full-service IT development program to the area.

He holds a Bachelor of Science in finance from American University and a Juris Doctor and MBA from Georgetown University, both in Washington, DC.  Basel also studied electrical engineering and computer science at Rice University in Houston, TX, and undertook comparative studies of American and British common law and procedural law at Oxford University in England.  He co-taught a course in entertainment law and the Internet at Georgetown University Law Center and is a frequent speaker and seminar leader at IT conferences worldwide. His personal interests have involved him as a member of the American University Board of Trustees; the President’s Council; the Board of Trustees of the Washington Hospital For Women, the advisory council for RIF (Reading Is Fundamental), the advisory council of the Best Buddies Foundation, and the Board of Directors of the Duke Ellington School for the Performing Arts.  He is fluent in Arabic, English, and French.