Dalia Khodur

Adjunct faculty member

M.F.A. in Fine Arts and Illustration, The Lebanese University (LU), Lebanon
B.A. in Graphic, The Lebanese University (LU), Lebanon

Dahlia Khodur is an accomplished character designer and educator, specializing in Virtual Reality art and design, illustration, and visual development.
Dahlia boasts an impressive track record of international art and design awards, ran several workshops, and has been prominently featured in publications including ImagineFx, 3DTotal, and Sayidati Magazine. She has also actively participated in various art galleries and events on both local and international scales.
Her ongoing research predominantly revolves around Virtual Reality art, design, and user experience. She has done research on using VR for children suffering from PTSD and trauma induced behaviors.
Additionally, Dahlia Khodur is the founder of Sunnymoon Project, a specialized virtual studio dedicated to providing illustration and art asset services tailored for mobile games and animations.