David Aouad

Assistant Professor of Practice
Director, Institute for Environmental Studies and Research

Master in Urban Planning, University of Montreal, Canada

B.Arch. Architecture, University of Montreal, Canada

David Aouad holds a master’s degree in Urban Planning and a bachelor’s degree in Architecture from the University of Montreal. He started an independent practice in 2003 teaming up with partner Juliana El-Haddad to establish the firm DAJH Architects, a multidisciplinary practice bringing a diverse perspective to the design process. Besides his practice, Aouad teaches architecture and interior design studios at the School of Architecture and Design. Aouad’s research agenda revolves mainly around topics of critical importance within the public realm of Beirut: the left-overs, or residual spaces. His peer-reviewed publications in journals and conference proceedings include “Leftover Spaces for the Mitigation of Urban Heat Islands in Municipal Beirut” and “Urban Acupuncture as a Tool for Today’s Re-Naturalization of the City: The Non-Constructible Parcels of Municipal Beirut Through The Case Study of the Saifi District.” He has also written and lectured on the subject of industrial heritage in “Beirut’s Riverside Marginal Landscape, From Abandoned Agricultural Spaces To Forsaken Industrial Heritage: The Case Study of Mkalles Industrial Area.” A member of the Municipal Council of Hasroun, North Lebanon since 2016, Aouad’s activity as a municipality member revolves around master planning regenerative projects for the village souks, talks with International organizations regarding funding and sponsoring, budgeting and tendering, as well as developing international terms of reference and specifications for municipal projects.