Paul Yuille

Dr. Paul Yuille is a visionary consultant and educator with over 20 years of expertise at the intersection of sustainable fashion and international development. Currently serving as the Program Leader of the Masters in International Retail Business, Sustainability, and Technologies at Goldsmiths University of London, Dr. Yuille is dedicated to shaping the next generation of leaders in sustainable business practices. Driven by a passion for earth-positive change, Dr. Yuille operates a multidisciplinary consultancy focused on leveraging sustainable design solutions, global educational collaboration, and development initiatives. His extensive academic background includes a PhD in sustainable consumption theory, where he researched into empowering fashion consumers to recognize their agency in addressing global challenges. A true advocate for technological innovation in sustainability, Dr. Yuille is a founding member of eeva, a pioneering Fashion Tech start-up. eeva’s revolutionary digital product passports are poised to revolutionize the fashion industry by facilitating a circular economy for global fashion and textiles. Dr. Yuille has an unwavering commitment to sustainability, coupled with his expertise in international development for education and cutting-edge technology, drives him to shape a more sustainable future for the fashion industry and beyond.