Farid Jreidini

Senior Practice Lecturer

B.Arch. Architecture, American University of Beirut, Lebanon

Farid Jreidini is a full-time faculty member who teaches Building Technology, Working Drawings and Specifications, Computer-Aided Design, Technical Drawing and Architectural Construction Documents. Jreidini joined LAU as a part-time faculty member in 1987 and became a full-timer in 1999. His field of expertise lies in architectural construction details and documents, computer aided design in graphics, drafting and 3D rendering. Jreidini has served on the University Admission Council since 2006, and as an architecture student advisor since 1999. He is LAU’s Center for Program and Learning Assessment architecture representative. He is a member of the Architects Association, affiliated to the Order of Engineers and Architects. He has been elected member of its executive committee twice (2001-2002 and 2008 to date). He has also been a member of OMRAN, an independent volunteering association dealing with urban issues since 2002.