Lee Frederix

Associate Professor
Associate Chair, Department of Art and Design

M.Arch in Landscape Urbanism - Notre Dame University
BS in Architecture - Georgia Tech

Born into the wastelands of post-industrial America, Lee Frederix is an artist and academic based in Beirut since 2001. His work reflects his hybrid background in Architecture, Urbanism, and Fine Arts in an attempt to merge these three disciplines through experimental practice. Focusing primarily on three-dimensional media, including assemblage, sculpture and installation, his current work (both academic and artistic) investigates interstitial spaces, alternative mapping, and transgressive urban practices in contemporary Beirut.

Research Interests

Lee’s most recent research investigates alternative mapping practices, psychogeographic readings of place, and non-conventional representations of the city, all through the lens of subjective experience and his background in Landscape Urbanism.

Select Publications

2019    “Mapping as a Visual Arts Practice: Social Geographies of Contemporary Beirut” in International Journal of Cartography (IJC), Volume 5: Issue 2-3, pp. 304-315.

2018    “To Characterize the Inscrutable City: A Practice of Alternative Mapping for Beirut” in Process and Practice Across Design Disciplines. Edited by Brian Dougan, Kevin Mitchell & Greg Watson. American University of Sharjah, pp. 33-39.

2015    “Cultural Infrastructure for the Margins: A Machinic Approach to Nahr Beirut” in Reconceptualizing Boundaries: Urban Design in the Arab World. Edited by Robert Saliba. London: Ashgate, pp. 85-96.

Professional Work & Exhibitions

2022        Glimpses of Talent                    Urbanist Art - Dubai
2021        Rethinking our Landscapes of Uncertainty    [solo]    Mission Art Gallery - Beirut
2019        October 17                               Galerie Janine Rubeiz - Beirut
2016        7rooms 7artists                         ArtHouse - Beirut
2016        The Age of Recycling               MACAM - Lebanon
2015        The Merriment of Debris           Haven for Artists - Beirut
2014        Extraordinary Art Exhibition      Goguikian Foundation - Beirut
2008        Live Debris                                UMAM - Beirut
2006        XXVII Salon d’Automne            Musée Sursock - Beirut
2004        XXV Salon d’Automne               Musée Sursock - Beirut
2003        XXIV Salon d’Automne              Musée Sursock - Beirut
2002        frederix@monot    [solo]            Expos SDF - Beirut
2000         integration 7                             Éspace P à P - Paris

Awards, Fellowships & Grants

2019     SArD Travel Grant for the International Cartographic Conference in Tokyo
2018     SArD Travel Grant for the PPADD conference at the American University of Sharjah