Marleen Nashef

Practice Lecturer

M.A. Management, Lebanese University, Lebanon
B.A. Finance, Lebanese University, Lebanon
B.A. Marketing, Lebanese University, Lebanon
Fashion Design Courses, CAMM, Lebanon
Pattern Cutting Certificate, Ecole De Coupe et de Couture, Lebanon

Fashion Designer – Fashion Production Consultant – University Instructor
Miss Nashef has perused an outgoing fashion career after majoring in finance and marketing.
Throughout her career she strove not only to redefine styling and industry best practices, but to create uniqueness and a brand of her own, Wild Lilies.
She took condensed fashion courses and interned at the most prestigious Lebanese fashion houses, after which she worked as a production Manager for luxurious fashion production companies, also provided production consultancy for many local and international brands, then opened her own Fashion house.
Furthermore, being an expert in PAD system and a designated trainer by Hong Kong based Company for the region, she carries a vast experience in custom made and ready-to-wear practices, from which she stimulated her eagerness to share her lifetime know-how & capabilities to students and convey the best craftsmanship practices of the fashion industry.