Yara Al Ali

As the Chief Transformation Officer of ELIE SAAB, Yara El Ali is responsible for overseeing the strategic change initiatives, fostering innovation and collaboration to drive organizational evolution and achievement of goals.  

Yara has a proven executive management track record and over 16 years of experience driving the strategic direction of regional and global retail institutions.

Prior to joining ELIE SAAB, Yara built her personal brand as an expert in organizational transformation through several milestones enabling her to manage and lead strategic departments and functions such as Audit, Human Resources, Strategic Planning. Yara today is a sought-after agent for institutionalizing businesses and leading change management initiatives.

In addition to being a proud AUB Alumnus with a Bachelor in Business Finance, Yara is an Executive MBA graduate from ESA and ESCP, a holder of executive corporate coaching certificate from INSEAD and a Diploma in Organizational Leadership from Said Business School at University of Oxford.