Nada Borgi

Part-time Faculty Member

B.A. Architecture, American University of Beirut, Lebanon
Master in Urban Planning and Design, Lebanese University, Lebanon

Nada Borgi is a practicing architect and designer working across scales. Following an extensive experience on large scale developments at Solidere International, with projects in Lebanon, KSA, UAE and Monaco, she co-founded her firm [hatch]. Delivering work from conception to execution, the office portfolio includes a range of projects including a hospital extension, large scale residential projects, a guesthouse and a number of interiors. Through [hatch], Nada participated in competitions, workshops and talks, co-winning the first prize for the Damour Beach Club Architecture competition by the order of Engineers and Architects. In Parallel, Nada started a product design collaboration named Borgi|Bastormagi. The pieces, inspired by an architect’s perception of the urban context, are an attempt for balance and order in a chaotic city. The work of the studio have been exhibited in Beirut, Milan and Paris and presented at IMM Cologne. Nada taught at the American University of Beirut and has been teaching design studios at Notre Dame University since 2015.