Pierrot Daou

Senior Photography Lab Coordinator

Lebanese photographer Pierrot Daou pursued his studies in architectural drawing and obtains a special diploma in interior design in 1985. Later, he enrolled in the Center for Photographic Study at USEK to study photography and he began his career at LAU in 2002. Daou has been performing all kinds of photographic jobs and he deploys significant artistic strategy, through working on various concepts. His works has been displayed at various exhibitions, including Sursok Museum, collective exhibitions organized by the Kodak Agency, artistic activities of the Byblos Club, in addition to personal exhibitions in Byblos and Batroun. In 1998, Daou exhibits his work during the month of Photography-Lebanon organized by the European House of Photography. He also displayed his project “Striped Dreams” on picture rails at the Abichmo Restaurant in Byblos. Daou tirelessly continues his progress towards other artistic photography methods and new horizons in the world of images.