Rima Rifai

Part-time faculty member

B.A. in Fine Arts and Graphic Design, BUC known today as Lebanese American University (LAU)
Desktop Publishing, Saddleback College. California, U.S.A.
Completed a semester in the School of Business at the American University of Beirut (AUB).

With a multidisciplinary experience spanning over 30 years in diverse design fields, Rima Rifai’s extensive portfolio includes projects which combine exhibition and museum design to branding consultancy, to books and publishing. Her expertise spans from exhibition, archeological heritage and architecture design, to over 15 years of branding consultancy with United Nations agencies (UNDP, ESQUA, UNFPA, UNDESA, United Nations, NY, World Bank Institute).

As art director and for the Arab Center for Architecture (ACA), Rima Rifai has contributed to many exhibitions and produced visual identities and projects with the EU, along with exhibitions for UNESCO, (USEK) University in Kuwait and Lebanon, the Order of Engineers and Architects and more recently in Sharjah (the Sharjah Architecture Triennial Foundation).
Her major work was designing 2 Museum expositions and branding systems in THE ST GILLES CASTLE of Tripoli for the Directorate General of Antiquities (DGA) and the Ministry of Culture.

Rima has designed and illustrated numerous publications and guides about Lebanon and recently a book on culinary diplomacy for Lebanon and Morocco.
She published “Map’n Lebanon”, 2006 — a comprehensive guide to discovering the city of Beirut which explains the its heritage and history.

She holds a proficiency to design in three languages. Many of her work was featured in publications like “Bilingualism in Visual Communication”, and WORLDWIDE Identity, with ICOGRADA and has award-winning projects.

She taught branding and typography at the American University College of Science & Technology (AUST) and Université du Saint Esprit Kaslik (usek).  Rima currently teaches “Exhibition Design” at Lebanese American University, LAU.
She is interested in the design of culture and heritage of the region, reaching back to its roots and evolution.