Yasmine Nachabe Taan

Associate Professor

Ph.D. Art History and Communication Studies, McGill University, Canada
M.S. Communications Design, Pratt Institute, USA

Yasmine Nachabe Taan’s research focuses on gender representation, design, media, photography and visual culture in the MENA region. She participated in a number of art residencies in Berlin, Cairo, Beirut and Bratislava. Her articles, essays and reviews have appeared in Communication Arts, New Middle Eastern Studies journal, Altre Modernit√†, among other journals. As part of a larger project to gather material on the work of prominent Arab typographers, graphic designers and illustrators, she has written two books, one on Hilmi el-Tuni, Evoking Popular Arab Culture (KHATT books, Amsterdam, 2014) and Abdulkader Arnaout, Designing As Visual Poetry (KHATT books, Amsterdam, 2017).