Contemporary Discourses in Architecture

Contemporary Discourses in Architecture

A Symposium on Architectural Theory and Practice

May 13-14, 2004
Irwin Hall auditorium LRC 21, Beirut Campus

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Preface by Dean Elie HADDAD.


Utopia, Critique and Contemporary Discourse by Hilde HEYNEN

Theory and Practice

  1. Theory, That Which is Called Theory and Practice by Jay RANDLE
  2. Between Anguish and Hope by Antoine ROMANOS
  3. At Home by Charles MEYER
  4. Learning Practice by Kevin MITCHELL
  5. An Epistemological Inquiry by Christos HADJICHRISTOS
  6. Color and the Quiet Discourse by Katrin FAGERSTROM
  7. Antoni Tapies and the Violence of Texture by Beshir KENZARI

Emerging Paradigms

  1. Digital Introjection by George KATODRYTIS
  2. Emerging Features in Information Age Architecture by Iradj MOEINI
  3. Parallel Lines by Hani ASFOUR

Architecture and the City

  1. After the Earthquake: Re-building West Algeria by Karima BENACHENHOU
  2. The New Urban Reality in Mumbai, India by Deb UPADHYAYA
  3. The Agha Khan Award and the Identity of the Arab City by Tarek ABDELSALAM

Architecture and its Other

  1. The Symptomatic Discourse by Donald KUNZE
  2. “Une Architecture Autre”? by Nadir LAHIJI
  3. Towards a Post-Situationist Architecture by Libero ANDREOTTI


Ecstasy by Neil LEACH