Rachid G. Chamoun


Ph.D. Urbanism by Ecological Landscape, Union Institute and University, USA
M.S. Urban Design, Pratt Institute, USA
B.A. Interior Design, Syracuse University, USA

Dr. Rachid G. Chamoun joined LAU in Fall 1992 as a full-time faculty member and served as the director of the School of Architecture and Design. Later, he also served as the Chair of the Department of Architecture and Design in the School of Engineering and Architecture (1995–2000). He has been teaching interior and architectural design studios, regional urbanism, regional architecture, landscape architecture and urban planning courses. His coursework has had a growing focus on community-building projects. Dr. Chamoun has also been the founding director of the Urban Planning Institute (UPI) at LAU since 1995. His current research in urban studies is stimulated and shared through the participation of a pluralistic global community.