Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The School of Architecture & Design espoused the principles of diversity, equity and inclusion since its inception. These values are manifested in the diverse composition of its faculty, staff and students, and in the studio culture that encourages self-expression and critical thinking.

The different programs are staffed by a diverse faculty body, and open to students of various backgrounds. The generous financial aid packages offered by the University are also geared towards opening up educational opportunities to students of different social levels, and to provide an inclusive learning environment.

The School, in its administrative composition, reflects these principles, and by its nature, welcomes different opinions and ideas. Within the context of the region, the School provides an oasis where difference is celebrated, where equity and inclusion are set as important goals, and where gender balance is well represented across its spectrum.

In order to continuously improve these objectives, the School is committed to empowering students and giving them the opportunity to realize their aspirations by providing a space for expression and debate, and to furthering equity by offering more financial aid to needy students. The School is also committed to promoting a culture of inclusivity through different activities, lectures, and conferences that explore relevant topics, and that address the role of artists, designers, and architects in promoting diversity and creating inclusive environments.

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